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Foni-Tools Visitor

Foni-Tools Visitor

Our Audio Guide application for the Android platform and the associated responsive HTML5 website are ready.


With Foni-Tools Visitor, services are accessible in multiple languages. Users can choose the language either when they launch the application or while it’s running by using the quick menu. The content—whether its text, audio, image or video—will be in the selected language.

Finding artworks

With Foni-Tool Visitor’s search function, users can easily find the artwork they’re looking for. When they click on the search button on the main page or in the quick menu, the search page will appear. In the search field, users can write the name of the artist, the title of the work or its identification number. After writing the first few characters, they will see a list of possible matches. By clicking on the correct one, they will be shown a page with detailed information about the work.

Presentation of artworks:

When users select the exhibition they would like to see, a list of the current works on display appears. By clicking on the work, users can access a page with a detailed presentation of the artwork. The up arrow in the lower right of the screen can be used to bring up text, and the down arrow can be used to hide it. When clicked on, the navigation icon displays a museum map that indicates the route to the desired artwork. The audio and video players have a slider at the bottom of the page that allows the user to jump to the desired part of the audio and video files.

Site Map and Navigation

By clicking on Foni-Tools Visitor’s navigation button, users can find the route to a given artwork or exhibition on a museum map. The application uses Bluetooth signals placed throughout the museum to show users their actual location in the building. When users zoom in on a room, they can see the artworks it contains and choose the one they’re interested in. The application automatically displays the route to the selected work. The navigation function can be found in the quick menu on every screen.

Quick Menu:

The quick menu function is accessible on every screen of the Foni-Tools Visitor application. When the quick menu icon is clicked on, the current screen moves to the side and the menu appears. The icons for the various functions immediately take the user to the start page, search page, map or language selection page. At the bottom of the quick menu, a battery indicator shows the remaining time available before the battery runs down.

Management interface:

On Foni-Tools Visitor’s management interface, we can create exhibitions for individual museums and attach images, text and audio descriptions, or videos to each artwork. The location of the artworks within the museum can be indicated on a map. The built-in drag and drop functions facilitate editing tasks. The management interface can be run on a web platform too, which allows data on remote servers to be accessed and enables the performance of updates and queries.