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RigMaster system provides full remote control service for your computers.

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By the appearance of cryptocurrencies a connecting new industry came to life as well, cryptocurrency mining. Miners purchased vast amount of hardware either for building bigger farms, or making money at home. A new need evolved for the development of such software that make the management of the hardware and mining more efficient. At present, the configuration of a mining computer (rig) in terms of hardware and mining software is complicated and not user-friendly. The purpose of the rig management software is to enable efficient and simple management of mining software and rigs on an online interface. The system is compatible with Windows, Linux operation systems and Nvidia and ATI video cards.


  • The software makes suggestions on the most efficiently mineable cryptocurrencies on the actual computer park
  • Simple and clear web interface
  • You can see all your mining pools' more important parameters on one page
  • Each rig may be managed separately on the interface, each GPU in the rigs may be parameterized separately
  • Memory errors are displayed in case of too high overclocking so you can accurately adjust for optimal performance
  • Saving and reloading video card and rig schemes, opportunity to share them in the forum, so the community can share the tested best adjustments
  • Multiple types of mining software may be used which can be configured uniquely, and the consoles of the software are displayed as well
  • Updating the mining software is done automatically on all computers, you don't have to update manually one by one
  • The currency to be mined on a rig can be changed by the press of a button
  • Notifications in case of error or warning
  • Design optimized for mobile devices, you can control the system from a mobile phone or a tablet
  • Combined with a unique hardware, the system is capable of restarting, turning of or on the rigs, and displaying the status of the power LED, temperature of the rig, relative humidity of the air and smoke-gas concentration
  • Windows and Linux compatible version
  • Linux operation system USB installer: you only have to copy the modified Linux version to a pendrive, there is no need for installing, it immediately starts mining, communicates with the online interface
  • Wireless mesh network communication between the reseter hardware, so event several 1000-s of devices can be working on one network
  • The WiFi data of the reseters has to be provided on the administration interface, you don't have to configure them one by one


The reseter is a unique design hardware controlled by a microcontroller. Temperature-humidity and smoke-gas sensors can be connected to the controller. The microcontroller communicates with the other reseters and the router through WiFi, in a mesh network system. Thus many nodes and in larger distances may communicate with each other on WiFi, as opposed to normal access point connection, when each device is only connected to the router. This is important at bigger mining farms, where there are many rigs placed in a larger area.


Reset, Power button and Power LED motherboard connection


The device connects to the internal USB port of the motherboard and communicates with the cliens software


Connectable temperature and humidity sensor

Definity - HTML Tempalte

Connectable smoke and gas sensor


The devices communicate each other and the router by a mesh network connection


Very easy to use, after being connected to the motherboard, it receives the WiFi data and it connects to the network


Self-developed mining pools and mining software optimized for the RigMaster software are available, used together with, mining gets even more efficient and profitable. We continuously keep developing the system, so it gets even more optimized, from time to time it is expanded by new functions, and it is always up to date in mining new cryptocurrencies and the implementation of new hardware.